Proud mummy time!

Ok… so he didn’t do it of his own accord or properly but i’m hoping with the time and patience put in he’ll make the connection…but Daniel “wee’d in the potty”!! He started to pee on the floor and I whipped the potty in front of him, which he then decided to have a good look at. He wasn’t scared or upset by what i’d done and I gave him a heap of praise for it.

2nd proud mummy moment of the day with Daniel, he regressed quite badly before he was a year old and stopped eating food for a long time, he started on biscuits and with slow persistance, he now eats 10month baby food jars (he gags on anything else) nutrigrain bars, rice crispie squares, fruit wriggles and as of today…strawberry yogurt! As with all foods, even ones he’s used to, I had to gently push his head back so he removes his hands from his eyes and he opened his mouth and let me put a tiny bit in. He pulled several really funny faces bless him before opening his mouth and grabbing at my hand for more!

Things like this may seem really small for some people, but it gives me hope. Hope that he will be able to talk to me, that he will be able to use a toilet…things that a lot of people take for granted. Although the tolerance for autism has improved, it’s not enough and its taking far too long for other people to be educated. I receive many dirty looks about Daniel still being in a pushchair (I have a tandem which he and his baby brother share) purely because they’re not aware that he has no sense of self preservation, he has ran out in the path of a car (incredibly scary incident involving revolving doors at a hotel) ignorance is bliss but it’s ok to judge my child on how he behaves? Anyway, thats a rant for another time.. Well done Daniel, mummy is so very proud of you!


About tieore

Full-time mum to 3 beautiful boys. 2 that aren't neurotypical but my entire world all the same xx
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5 Responses to Proud mummy time!

  1. Mondrak says:

    Well done Daniel. 🙂 Definite proud mummy time on both of them. My son, at sixteen, still has to be watched on the road sometimes as he will just walk across them without looking.

    Don’t worry though, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein are/were said to have ASD’s 🙂

    • tieore says:

      I think the moment that made me realise was when Cameron was told to watch the road…so of course, head down he stared at the road as we crossed!

      • Mondrak says:

        I know it’s not funny, but at the same time it is. When you say something and they take it literally. Well, you know what happened with my son when I made a joke and he took it literally and didn’t speak to you for ages lol Poor kid. One time he asked if we were going to eat dinner at the table, and I said “No, we’re going to eat it in the garden” so he went and put on his shoes and thick coat as it was snowing.

      • tieore says:

        LOL poor kid! Gotta love the funny little quirks our kids have, as long as they don’t get upset by it of course. Bless them hehe x

  2. Mondrak says:

    I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. It is here – – and explains why I chose you

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