Sorry for the hiatus my poor blog has been forced to take…its been manic here with the kids, the house…and oh! I’m moving! A 4 bedroomed house, across the “road” from my best childhood friend. Our children will grow up together as we did and I am soooooo excited! Pics will come as soon as I’m in there!

Right, so a VERY belated THANK YOU! to my good friend Mondrak For the numerous awards, I shall follow their instructions ASAP! This man’s blog is truly inspiring, regardless of what is happening in his life, he still finds time to discover the true beauty of this shite world we live in and for that I thank him.

Moving on to my boys, Cameron has gone back to school today…YAY! I love my boy more than life itself but this summer has been a nightmare and I am glad to see the back of it! It was his birthday on Monday (27th) amd he turned 7. He got plenty from mummy and daddy, nanna and grandad and his Auntie Kirsty and Uncle Ant. Unfortunately I have 2 other sisters and a brother as well as a mother who did nothing more than send a message to say happy birthday. We took him out for a meal on the Sunday but the big day itself brought no visitors, no well wishers and certainly no gifts. Now I’m not a materialistic person, but out of his umpteen family members, Cameron got a grand total of 6 birthday cards…two of those being from his dad and me and his siblings. His biological father and his family haven’t acknowledged Cameron since he was 2 so it comes as no surprise that his day was nothing to them.

Daniel has come on in leaps and bounds. We still have no words or real talking but his babbling has made brilliant progress and he’s got rid of his bottle and now he even drinks juice from his beaker. We have had visits from the educational psychologist, early years team and his paediatrician appointment. It is universally acknowledged that Daniel is severely autistic, its just a case of attempting to define what form and his functionality.

Last but not least we have the baba, whom I realise I have yet to name on my blog, so welcome to my blog baby Blake! He’s nearly 5 months old now, babbles like a beast and can sit up (supported) and today finally rolled from his back to his front! Well done Blakey! It might seem a bit paranoid but I watch his every moment and progression and as much as I love my boys, I am praying that Blake is neurotypical…so far so good!

As I said I shall follow the rules of my awards as soon as physically possible, I am incredibly appreciative of them and do not want my dear friend to think I’ve forgotten.

Much love,

T x

About tieore

Full-time mum to 3 beautiful boys. 2 that aren't neurotypical but my entire world all the same xx
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1 Response to Sorry!

  1. Mondrak says:

    That’s awful about his birthday. With all the family members! It cost about 29p for a cheap card from Card Factory, then about 40p for a stamp! 69p! 69 bloody pence. Is it because he’s autistic and they are scared of catching it?

    Glad Daniel is coming on well, and I cannot believe it’s been five months! WOW!

    Glad to see you posting again.

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