Finding the time to post!

So I’m sitting in the car waiting for my husband who has gone to the dentist for an extraction, might as well post whilst I have the chance! Sitting in a car with 3 fed up boys, raining so they can’t play…fun!

Daniel has been making amazing progress with his babbling, when I get him out of his cot in the morning we have plenty of “cuds” when we play games we have “eddy” “deddy” then mummy says GO! He’s also learnt a brilliant new trick…poop in the nappy then take it off and dump it on the floor! Little to no progress on his eating but everything takes time and I’m thankful for the small miracles he’s making as it is.

Cameron has been a delight this weekend, aside from being very poorly, he’s spent his time gaming on his xbox, playing with his brother and reading. Considering this time last year he couldn’t read and now he’s reading books without pictures we are incredibly proud of him.

Blakey boy is now on solid food, considering he’s nearly 6 months old he’s a lot later than his brothers were on weaning, but had his first chocolate pudding yesterday and its clear to see he has his fathers sweet tooth lol.

This week I will mostly be chasing up various appointments for both Cameron and Daniel. It has now been 7 months since Cameron saw the paediatrician, and Daniel is due appointments with speech and language therapy, paediatrician and the educational psychologist.

We’ve had some major downs this week along with probable highs. We were supposed to be moving home. I’d packed pretty much everything up and was preparing to get rid of my furniture (we signed for a fully furnished house) and were just waiting on a moving date. I was informed about a week ago that the house had been petrolbombed… Move cancelled, not risking my children’s lives for a house. The high is that I have found someone willing to exchange my house for theirs. I have to wait until Feb as she’s not a secure tenant but its a beautiful 3 bed house putting us closer to our friends and family. Good times ahead?

T x

About tieore

Full-time mum to 3 beautiful boys. 2 that aren't neurotypical but my entire world all the same xx
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5 Responses to Finding the time to post!

  1. Alastair says:

    I will catch up with you soon on the XBOX T. I’ve been exceptionally busy of late. XBOX hasn’t been on much and I haven’t even had time to watch my TV programs 😦

    At least you have a new house, even though it is five months away. That will go in no time. I know what time is like when it disappears in less than an instant.

    At least you have your friend over the road who you can see when he has his fag break 😉

    Speak soon …

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