Never forget.

Ok so normally this blog is for updates about my children, and that’s not really gonna change. However, its a week away from my dads birthday, the most amazing man I have ever had the pleasure to know. He died nearly 6 years ago and not a day passes where I don’t think of him and remembering him still brings tears to my eyes.

I’ve always been a firm believer in poetry as a form of therapy and given the circumstances I am sharing the poems I wrote when the feeling was considerably more raw than it is today, enjoy.

You’re gone.

Daddy you should be with me now,
But god has taken you from me.
You’re up in heaven doing what you loved,
I wish I could find the right words daddy.

You were the one that held me up,
When I felt my world would fall.
You’ve helped me through so many things,
Together we conquered them all.

As a child you were my hero dad
A feeling that followed into adulthood.
You were only 51 when you passed dad,
Why does god take the good?

I know you’ve been to see mum, dad
I’m glad you’ve been to say goodbye
I’m waiting for you to see me dad
I hope you won’t pass me by.

You have gone to sleep now,
It’s with the angels you will stay,
Cameron will never forget you dad,
You’ll be with him to watch him play.

I just want to say I love you dad
There’s so many things left unsaid.
I find the hardest thing to say
Is that you’re gone…you’re dead

I want you to be at ease dad
I want things to be right
So I’ll end things here dad
I love you, sleep tight.

Then a year later, I wrote this one.


When you left me you took my heart
I hate the fact that we’re apart
I miss you more with each day that passes
I’ll send my message to the masses

I’ll shout it from the rooftops for you
I have no shame for how much I love you
Stronger than I thought I could be
Knowing you’re standing right beside me

I try to find the right words to say
That I think about you everyday
One day I know I’ll see you again
I’ll be waiting until then.

I’ll love and miss him for the rest of my life,

One broken hearted daddys girl x

About tieore

Full-time mum to 3 beautiful boys. 2 that aren't neurotypical but my entire world all the same xx
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4 Responses to Never forget.

  1. Alastair says:

    Wow! They are really powerful eye watering poems.

    Brilliant …

  2. Alastair says:

    Reblogged this on Alastair's Blog and commented:
    A personal friend who’s dad died 6 years ago, and poems about him …

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