Warning…rant ahead!

ok, so rant time…

I’m sick to death of being tarred with the “single mum” brush. Yes I am married, no my husband and I don’t live together. I’m not a single mum, but in the eyes of the law I am. I receive income support, child tax credits and child benefit. I am not a layabout, I don’t claim benefits because I “can’t afford” my children. Along with the benefits I receive, I also get carers allowance and I receive Disability Living Allowance for Cameron and soon to be Daniel. I am a full-time carer to my beautiful, special boys. Now for those who think it’s a mums job to care for their children, yes it is, but to those parents who have neurotypical (normal) children, you won’t be changing your childs bum at 6 years old will you? You won’t be celebrating your childs first word at 8 will you? I never asked for my children to be autistic, it was never “part of the plan”. Just because it was unexpected and changed my life forever, doesn’t mean I would change it for the world.
So next time you wanna write about single mums not wanting jobs, happy to stay on benefits and steal all your taxpayers money, think again. You never know whats round the corner and you never know what kind of hardships the people you’re judging actually face.


About tieore

Full-time mum to 3 beautiful boys. 2 that aren't neurotypical but my entire world all the same xx
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5 Responses to Warning…rant ahead!

  1. Alastair says:

    Well said Lorna. Not all single mums – or single dads for that matter – just pop kids for houses. Some single parents become so through tragedy, some through the other parent playing away, and some – like yourself – who are married but find it easier to live apart. It isn’t all for the money. I know several single parents who are bringing up kids with an ASD or two. These parents can’t go out to work as it is a 27 hour a day job looking after them.

    I applaud you for what you are doing with your kids.

    • tieore says:

      As I you Alastair. You have done an amazing job raising your children and you should be proud of the amazing young adults that they have become. I just wish there were 27 hours in the day to fulfill my job role. Then I might get a full nights kip! X x

  2. Sleepyxyz says:

    Exactly! You never know the whole story so you never can have the right to judge!

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